Yovah — A Rare EDM Producer.

We interviewed this Upcoming producer from Mexico and THIS is what he said!
May 19, 2019

Affinity Harmonics

It’s rare you actually meet someone in the electronic dance music scene with motivations that are not ego-based self-centric ones such as “Getting Famous” or “Getting rich” with their music.

When we met Gelib Hassanille also known as “Yovah“, we knew he was different and this exclusive interview with him confirms our point. We asked him a few questions and this is what he said…


Affinity Harmonics; What are your deepest aspirations?


I have many things I want to achieve. The number one thing is to raise awareness for gun violence and put an end to it once and for all.


Affinity Harmonics; That’s quite a rare response for a producer like yourself, why is this such a big focus in your life?


My family is from one of the most affected areas targeted by gun violence, Acapulco Mexico. For this reason I haven’t been able to see half my family for a long time including my father, sisters, and grandmother.


Affinity Harmonics; I see that must be troubling for you as an artist, In a perfect world what do you think the solution looks like?


Guns would not be an option for the government or the people on the streets. There would be a different form of discipline. Australia is doing really well with gun violence, so it would look something like that.


Affinity Harmonics; It’s very heartwarming seeing a producer with such talent and humble goals. As a producer what do you struggle with most and how do you overcome it?


I was diagnosed with bipolar a couple years back. Sometimes I find myself unmotivated to make music but by indulging intelligently I find that drive again. I have more trouble with the manic side, it’s hard for me to get some sleep because of how much energy I have. This can also be a benefit at times because most of my creative ideas come in the middle of the night. I like creating music that creates room for pain so you can feel all the other positive emotions better.


Affinity Harmonics; I can see how this affects your unique sound and vision, luckily it has a positive side. What are some of your biggest influences?


Swedish House Mafia, Alesso, and Avicii are great inspirations for me. I believe in Karma a great deal. Meditation is also key for quieting the mind and to connect with your higher self.


Affinity Harmonics; Our beliefs are very powerful, it’s important to keep tabs on our negative thought we create and constantly replace them with positive ones to avoid self-sabotage and depression. Now back to the music side, as a producer what’s your workflow and toolset look like in the studio?


I like starting with a simple piano to find the melody. I won’t move on from writing the melody until it’s perfect. To me melody is everything. I started with FL studio but quickly moved on to use Logic Pro X. For my kicks, I like using the Nicky Romero kick plugin and for my sounds, I like using Serum.


Affinity Harmonics; Great tools, minimal sometimes means more creative! I hear you have an upcoming release?


Yes! I just finished up an EP called Miracles which is out now available to stream worldwide.


Affinity Harmonics; Well thank you for your enlightening interview, it’s refreshing hearing knowing there are EDM producers with good intentions, we hope the most success for your release. Miracles EP Is Out Now and you can even download it for free when you join Yovah’s, Mailing List!

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