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April 19, 2021

Affinity Harmonics

Its been a crazy first month in business! Me and my partners have never worked so hard in our lives. We just finished a brand new website built in house to connect our artists, products and support channels together and as of today, finally rolling out our first major update on the Affinity SK50D Kontakt Library. So whats new? A lot! Here are the highlights to start… 

Improved CPU Performance by up to 66%

New Module! Poly Presets 16+ new sounds (true analog filtered samples)

Upper Organ Improved flexibility, new modulation page

+ Plus many playback tweaks, bug fixes & new presets and multies added! 

“We even launched a Free Demo! If you don’t own it already, you can check it out here” — Free Demo Download

In a nutshell, Poly Presets is a whole new module based off the three preset buttons on the original unit

Whats so special? Well these presets go through the original VCF Envelope and so what you hear is the 100% analog filter smoothness.

Of course, I didn’t stop there. I had to go a little deeper and add a full second digital filter & amp ADSR, velocity sensitivity settings and a whole new filter design to play with. So of course you can just play the original samples as they are but ALSO get a little bit nutty in the modulation section, then when you switch the preset again you will get a mystery flavor. Awesome! Right?

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